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Wiener Steckal Werfen - Austrian Mölkky Championships


For those who have never held a 'Mölkky' in their hand and who have no clue what this is all about - here are some basics:

what do you need:

Skittles numbered from 1 - 12, a throwing stick called 'Mölkky', pen and paper to write down the points, something to mark the throwing area ('Mölkkaari'). 

goal of the game:

to reach exactly 50 points


At the beginning of each game the pins are placed in the same configuration as illustrated below approximately 3-4 meters away from the throwing area.




































how to play: 

The players (at least two) must try to hit the skittles with the throwing stick ('Mölkky'). After each throw the skittles hit are put up again on the place where they have come to a stop. Consequently, the skittles spread across the playing field in the course of a game.

how to gain points:

If only one skittle is hit, the amount of points received is equivalent to the number on top of this skittle.

e.g. only the '10' is fallen down = 10 points

If more than one skittles are hit, the amount of points received is equivalent to the total amount of skittles fallen down. e.g. 3 skittles are fallen down = 3 points

IMPORTANT: A skittle is defined as 'fallen down' if it lies completely (i.e. horizontal) on the ground. A skittle is NOT considered as 'fallen down' if it lies on another skittle or on the 'Mölkky'.


If you do not hit a skittle (= misthrow) you do not get any points.

After three misthrows in a row, the player (or team) drops out of the game with zero points.

IMPORTANT: After each throw the throwing area must be left to the back. Under NO circumstances go or step over the 'Mölkkaari' (even if a step was taken to the back before that!). If a foot of a player hits or is above the 'Mölkkaari' or the player leaves the throwing area to the front or side, this throw counts as a misthrow (= zero points) too!


End of the game:

A game ends immediately after a player (or team) has reached exactly 50 points or after all opponents have dropped out of the game. 

If a player (or team) exceeds 50 points, he (or it) will drop down to 25 points and the game continues.

configuration at the beginning of each game

3-4 Meters


throwing area


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